Tips for Virtual Career Fairs

Finding a job is never easy. Add on the quirks of the government application process and it can become downright overwhelming. Luckily, it’s getting a bit easier as technology transforms the traditional job search. With more accurate search engines, social media, and virtual career fairs, job seekers can search, prepare and apply for jobs without ever leaving their couch.

While not all of us have participated in a virtual career fair, they are becoming increasingly popular. For organizations, they represent a quick and cost-effective way to share their story and meet potential candidates. For jobs seekers, it requires less time, preparation, and significantly less travel. Virtual fairs are not just for the active job seeker. Many times, the real benefit comes from simply learning about different organizations and floating your resume.

Here are six tips to make the most of your virtual career fair experience:

Test your computer before the event so you have all the necessary plug-ins. It sounds simple, but you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute trying to log on. If possible, research the participating organizations in advance, prioritize the booths, and prepare a script. Although Virtual Career Fairs are more relaxed than in-person fairs, you still want to impress! Have your resume (or resumes) ready in advance to upload and share with recruiters. Also be prepared to tailor resumes based on the organization’s needs. Check your social media sites. Given the nature of the internet, recruiters can quickly search for your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles while talking to you. Privacy settings are your friend. Remember: abbreviations are for texting, not talking to agency representatives and recruiters! Follow-Up: Keep the show going. Make sure to send follow-up emails after the virtual career fair right away and follow-up again a few weeks later if you haven’t heard anything.

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Profession Guide For World Of Warcraft

If you try to level up your skill points when it comes to WoW professions then you will already know that it can cost you a lot of gold.

Not only does levelling up your skills in your profession aid your own character’s development but the new items that you can craft can be sold for a pretty penny to other players and many of them can also be shared among your group or guild.

The money you can make from selling such items can be used in many ways to aid the growth of your WoW avatar.

Don’t wait until you can make expensive items though. You probably have many things that you can sell. Many players make the mistake of thinking that these items are useless when many fresh newbies would bite your hand off for them. These low level players are willing to trade gold for the items that you consider worthless so whatever you do don’t just discard them.

When picking a profession, especially your primary one, make sure it fits your avatar and its abilities and make sure the secondary profession is in harmony with the primary one! As an example and to show you how easily you can pick your professions a warrior would be a good miner and blacksmith. This would allow for the forging of better armour and weapons.

As well as 1 – 80 level guides you can get good profession guides for World of Warcraft. There are Herbalism 350 guides, tailoring 350 guides, gold guides and jewelcrafting 350 as well as others.

Although you can level up any profession to 450, it seems that 375 is the skill level where major breakthroughs happen. For example you can craft Jagged Talasite at Jewelcrafting 375.

Reaching enchanting 375 or mining 375 when you have levelled up your jewelcrafting profession can give your character a lot of skill to create items that sell for large quantities of gold.I would advise you to earnestly consider investing in a good world of warcraft gold guide that can show you how to build up gold balance as you can do very little in WoW without gold.

Never purchase gold however as Blizzard are trying very hard to eliminate the professional gold farmers who play online and then sell gold. Blizzard may ban your account if you get involved in buying gold as it is clearly against the rules of the game.

Why Travel Agencies That Offer Currency Exchange Services Are Going Places

The next generation of travel agencies are gearing up to offer more comprehensive time-saving travel services, all in one location. One of the best ways travel agencies can offer top notch services to travelers is to include an onsite currency exchange service.

Enter CurrencyXchanger SETA Edition. Clear View Systems Ltd, of Vancouver, British Columbia developed this specialized software so travel agencies could provide an onsite service, similar to the money exchange outlets found in airports. The company provides a full training program for new customers and a full year of technical support. Whats more, travel agencies can have a money exchange service up and running in less than a day.

Heres what travel agencies with currency exchange services can expect:

Increased revenue. Your foreign currency exchange business can be a profitable side business. It enhances your existing travel business while providing an additional revenue source.

Promotional opportunities. In exchange for buy-backs at reasonable rates for unused travel currency, you can offer your valued customers a discount on a future flight or another special travel package.

Satisfied customers. Customers prefer dealing with people they know. Business travelers who remember your extensive all-inclusive service are more likely to return for a well planned family vacation package.

Customer peace of mind. Traveling can be stressful. Your travel customers can relax knowing theyll arrive at their destination prepared with the right currency for a taxi, tip or bite to eat. They wont have to be constantly on the look out for the next foreign exchange service and having to pay service fees each time.

Next generation technology. Todays traveler wants the best travel technology available. CurrencyXchanger is next generation currency exchange software that offers travel agencies an affordable, easy to use, money exchange service.

With all the advantages of running a currency exchange service, it just got easier for travel agencies to go that extra mile for valued customers.

Employee Motivation Techniques

Over the last decade, “Money and Promotion combo” has been one of the most widely used employee motivation techniques. These traditional incentives have lost their absolute power to shape employee motivation.

What do these facts tell you?
According to the Compensation and Benefits Review, 80% of employees do not receive any reward for increase in productivity.

60% of seniors report that their compensation will not move up if their performance rises.
Only 3% of basic salary separates average from outstanding employees.

It is obvious that the traditional system of rewards in business is losing its effectiveness.

Here are some more facts for you –
Only 48 percent of the employees would recommend their organization.
58 percent would want to change their company even for a marginal pay rise.

So which employee motivation techniques should be used?
Part of the problem comes from our over dependence on financial rewards and neglect of potential reinforcers.

According to Peter Drucker, “Economic incentives are becoming rights rather than rewards.” To deny a merit raise becomes a punishment. The increasing demand of material rewards and lack of employee motivation techniques is destroying the resourcefulness of managers.

Moreover, in an era of increasing competition and cost cutting, companies today are less able to offer their high achievers promotions or similar rewards. Therefore, you cannot afford the old fashioned system of motivating your employees.

This actually gives rise to a new way of looking at Employee Motivation Techniques – the rise of non traditional incentives. This non tradition approach is known as RECOGNITION. Think of the impact recognition could have on an employee if its used on a daily/weekly basis, instead of once a year.

Pick your employee motivation technique from this survey
Some of the reasons why people stay with a company:
Career growth, Learning and Development
Challenging Work
Meaningful Work
Good People
Being a part of the a team
Good Manager
Fair play and Benefits

Please Note: Managers need to build their employees around the foundation of salary and benefits, but these are not the main reasons that motivate employees.

This survey also found that the number one reason why employees leave is “Limited or Zero Recognition and Praise.”

Recognition and Performance are closely linked
Recognition has a positive impact on the job performance. If you are serious about motivating your employees, you have to get serious about Recognition.

Using Employee Contract Form To Have A Secured Business!

For a small business man it is really important to have a contract form of each and every agreement he enters into with any personnel or contractors for getting his work done. However, owing to the size of their business, they might not be able to afford the services of an advocate who can draft the employee contract form. The fees charged by an advocate would be high enough and would add to the cost of company. In such a case a businessman can himself make an employee contract form which is required to protect his own interest and avoid any kind of fraudulent dealings.

This form generally mentions the duties and responsibilities to be shared by the employer and the employee. By adhering to the terms of the contract, each party obliges to stand by their commitments and in case of any default legal proceeding will follow. Such contracts hold an important place for small and mid-sized businessmen, consultants and other workers who have a specific task to complete. Such a contract would protect their rights and would maintain a good employee-employer relationship.

There are various benefits attached with this contract form. Firstly, it lays down the requirements of both the parties to contract at the inception of the relationship and not midway when they are quarrelling to sort things out. In fact this contract form will reduce the chances of conflict between the parties to contract. Secondly, the procedure of writing, reading as well as signing a contract brings a sense of responsibility in the mind of the employee which will encourage him to get the work done in time and with utmost precision. The contract clearly states the resolutions of any conflict that are likely to arise during the course of business and hence any non-compliance of any part of the contract may lead to certain pre-defined damages. This helps the businessmen in getting the work done easily and on the other hand the employee ensures that he delivers the work in time.

If you don’t want to spend huge sum of money for getting the employee contract form designed by the advocate, you can even construct it on your own using Employment Contract Template that is easily available online. The online templates will help you create a form that includes all the terms and conditions that you might fail to include. The employee contract template not only assists you in creating a perfect contract form but also saves your money as well as avoids any future conflicts!

Exactly What Newer Employers Ought To Know Concerning Employment Law

For those who have a whole new business or maybe you are using the services of people for the very first time then there could were a few changes to employment law that you’re not conscious of. An employment law solicitor will make sure that you’re alert to any current or additional adjustments to the law as this may assist you to steer clear of potentially very expensive employer/employee disputes.

As a good new boss you might be aware that for a good ten years there is a national minimum wage in this land and therefore there are actually different rates for under 18s, 18-22 year olds and those over that age. Your employment law solicitor will have the ability to help keep you knowledgeable on the finer specifics of this ruling. You might also know that it is no longer required for ladies to stop working at the age of 60 and so they can opt to be in work until 65 or perhaps later. Recent changes to employment law, as the employment law solicitor will inform you mean that it is currently against the law to discriminate against employees on the basis of their age.

Some employers require their staff to use a uniform or to dress in a specific way for work. Even though it is not illegal to have dress and look policies, you ought to talk to your employment law solicitor on this subject because it could be, nevertheless, a potential difficult area. The new coalition government has granted additional paternity leave to dads of infants born after 3rd April 2011. The order states that if a mother returns to the workplace with a bit of her maternity leave still owing, the father could then have that leave as well as have the benefit.

Your employment law solicitor will certainly be ready to tell you that it really is illegal to discriminate against an employee on based on their racial descent, even if that discrimination is intended in the employee’s best interests. The European court has dictated that motive in discrimination scenarios isn’t applicable plus discrimination is discrimination within the terms of the Act.

You might be wondering why you need to go to the cost of employing an employment law solicitor. The reality is that employment law can be a minefield, for knowledgeable employers, and if you desire to avoid a potentially expensive employment tribunal, you’ll need legal services and also the regular help of an employment law solicitor.

Examples Of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a symbiotic internet based business relationship between a merchant web owner and an affiliate. The affiliate, or affiliate marketing associate attracts business to the merchant web owners site by posting links from their web pages to the merchant site. Any business that is generated through the affiliate marketing site is then rewarded with the merchant web owner paying commission to the affiliate for referred business through their personal set up of affiliate web marketing.

Once the traffic has been directed to the merchant web owners site, the responsibility of luring the business in is no longer in the hands of the affiliate marketing associate, but in the hands of the web site owner. But the affiliate will be compensated for the referral of business by way of whatever is agreed upon prior to setting up their affiliate web marketing relationship.

If you owned a website you could turn it into an affiliate marketing site just by back linking to various affiliate web sites and having them link to your site in return. Back linking creates a more optimal chance of your site being spotted by search engines and also creates the impression that your website is well renowned and trusted as an affiliate marketing support site. By offering a percentage of whatever profits you make from your affiliates referrals, they can benefit from your product without having to put in any effort, and you can benefit from the increase in traffic and potential buyers directed to you from them.

By constructing solid relationships with decent, trustworthy and business minded affiliate marketing associates, you could easily set yourself up with a thriving business brought in by affiliate marketing for a number of different niche markets.

There are three ways in which affiliate web marketing can occur:

1.Pay per click
2.Pay per sale
3.Pay per lead

By opting for pay per click affiliate marketing business, you would pay your affiliate a pre-arranged amount every time a person clicks on your product through the affiliates website. Pay per sale business would present the affiliate with a fixed amount or a percentage of the total sale price for every item bought that was directed to you through your affiliates marketing website. Pay per lead would be a percentage paid to your affiliate for every potential customer that they brought to your website for future business.

Affiliate web marketing has a structure of revenue sharing that can be extremely beneficial for the web owner and the affiliate, especially if the product or service you are promoting is in demand. Once the structure is in place, there is a minimal amount of work that needs to be implemented to maintain it. Changing your website into an affiliate marketing site will make it work for you, allowing you to generate infinite amounts of income from your daily flow of traffic into and out of your site.