Why Every Company Should Use Employee Awards

This article will look at the impact this can have on your organization and how you can structure this to be used effectively.

To start with, employee recognition must be a consistent effort within an organization. There must be a clear plan in place for what will constitute recognition. When developing a plan for providing recognition, you have to think about the actions and behaviors that are important to your organization. If you run a factory, teamwork can potentially be a behavior to recognize because people have to work together to make sure that the finished good is produced as efficiently as possible and with as little waste as possible.

There should be several different ways that you should communicate recognition as well. Having a single outlet for recognizing employees is not good because each person needs to be encouraged and praised in his or her own way. This way will differ slightly or greatly, depending upon whom you talk to. There should be a transparency to this so that everyone knows that certain individuals are not being over-praised and others being not praised enough. Be sure to encourage the leaders of different segments of the business to be involved in a daily basis with praise and recognition as well.

When looking at exit surveys at companies, many employees will often share the opinion that they never felt valued as an employee. Public praise and recognition can demonstrate how employees are valued within your organization. This helps increase the happiness in organizations and productivity tends to increase when employees are happy and satisfied.

One of the ways that you can publicly praise highly successful associates within your company is through employee appreciation. You could decide to use these awards for a number of different categories such as: greatest contributor to company profitability, best team player, most outstanding team leader, or top producer are just a few of the different categories. These awards are ways to rewards those who are successful and demonstrating the core behaviors and actions you deem important in your organization.

As you can see from this article, employee awards can have a major impact. There is little involved on an employers part other than simply buying the award and making employees aware of the process. What better way to talk about your core values than to have awards that publicize those values?

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