A Simple Guide To Professions

When it comes to choosing a profession in World of Warcraft, one of the key things to consider is what kinds of items you will be able to make and whether your class will have any use for them. Engineering and Enchanting are pretty much good choices for every type of class, whereas Blacksmithing doesn’t really help you a whole lot if you aren’t a Warrior or Paladin, and Tailoring probably really only comes in handy for Mage or Priest.

What makes Engineering a good choice? Well, for one thing, by going this route you can assure yourself of getting better than average equipment, especially once you make it into the higher levels. It’s not necessarily going to make you rich; in fact, if anything, it will probably cost you money in the short term. But what’s a little money lost compared to the sweet return of all the awesome little gadgets you’ll soon be making to get you out of all sorts of problems? And if you’re a Paladin, Engineering offers the extra benefit of being the only method to get ranged attacks. Of course, if you plan on doing these things, make sure to choose Mining as well, because otherwise you’ll find yourself desperate for ore.

While Enchanting is also a very good choice, it does have a reputation for being difficult and many consider useful only in the higher levels of the game.

In contrast, Tailoring is often thought to be the easiest of the professions by many players. Tailoring basically involves making cloth armor and bags, which means you’ll be making stuff right from the start that you’ll still be using on up into the higher levels.

Leatherworking is similar to Tailoring and is also considered easy. If you are one of the classes that wears leather such as a Hunter or Druid, for instance, this is a good choice. But since some classes will move on to mail armor as they rise through the levels, the actual value use of leatherwork diminishes for them. A good choice to go with this one would be Skinning.

Alchemy involves making potions so you should consider Herbalism along with this one. Since these potions can be used for health and mana when fighting, those classes prone to running low on those thingslike Mages and Healersshould consider Alchemy.

In addition to the primary professions, of course, there are several secondary professions to consider. Although they don’t count against your limit of two professions, the worth of each in relation to your class should still be considered, though there is nothing to prevent you from learning them all.