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In legal terms, preventing an individual from pursuing an employment related claim, compromise agreements are documents that once signed by both employer and employee. In exchange for a predetermined sum of money, compromise agreements are usually signed by employees. In cases such as unfair dismissal or breach of contract, this money is paid in exchange for an agreement that no further claim against the company will made. Employment Solicitors Nottingham offers remarkable services.

In accordance with certain provisions, as with all legal contracts, in order to be valid compromise agreements must be set out. Compromise agreements: Must be in writing; Raised by an employee, should relate to a specific complaint; Regarding the terms of the agreement, are only be valid if the employee has received independent legal advice; Must state whether all those conditions regulating the agreements have been fulfilled; To cover the cost of a claim should the advice given not be deemed sufficient, are only valid if the professional offering the employee legal advice has professional indemnity insurance in place. Although this is not essential, in certain circumstances a reason for termination will be included in compromise agreements. As certain insurance policies such as income protection insurance will only pay out if the reason for termination is redundancy, the inclusion of a reason for termination can assist employees. s.

In compromise agreements, confidentiality often plays an important part. A confidentiality clause should be expressly included, if this is the case. Related to interpretations and definitions is another clause regularly included in compromise agreement. Along with other details such as termination date and the identity of the legal advisor, this will include precise details such as the items which must remain confidential.

Before the contract of employment was terminated, most compromise agreements will also consist of details of any agreements reached. Any holiday entitlement unpaid or expenses that are owed in relation to the employee’s work, this will include such details as the pay due up until the termination of the contract. Whist the employee’s contract was still valid, compromise agreements should also detail any commission or bonus payments agreed.

Until the cessation of employment, one possible course of action for an employer is to release an employee on gardening leave. As they are entitled to stay at home rather than attend work, whilst still receiving full pay, for most employees this is a welcome conclusion.

As an employee, you require expert legal assistance, if you have been offered compromise agreements. Compromise agreements lawyers Nottingham are one firm that will be on hand to provide the professional advice you need.

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