How Employees Beat The Time Clock

Labor laws require employees to be paid for hours worked and to have breaks at specific intervals. There are the employees who punch in and out perfectly on time each and every shift. Some of them waste time standing around unproductively at the time clock waiting for the precise time. They look good on paper, but they are actually cheating the company of productive time that ends up adding up by the end of the week. Employees find out how to beat the clock and it can cost employers money. Once a time is documented, it is hard to prove the employee didnt work and withhold pay.

Employees learn how to beat the time clock at the workplace from each other. Once one person does it and gets away with it, others will follow. When an employee learns how to beat the time clock, the sooner they are caught and it is corrected the better, to avoid other employees following in their footsteps.

Ways that employee beat the clock include the following:

Punching in and not starting shift, returning to eating lunch, or leaving the building
Having another employee punch them in when they are late or not at work
Take extended breaks that they dont have to punch in and out for
Do personal business on company time
Use the restroom as a reason for not being on the floor
Handwrite inaccurate times on paper time sheets
Punch in for another employee
Dont drive directly to a location

Employers may feel helpless against those employees who try to cheat the system and get paid for time that they are not performing their required duties. One of the first things a company can do is to install a time clock or electronic sign in. Time clocks can be the paper type, but the more modern ones will collect data from an employee who swipes a badge and then stores the information. The information can be made available to supervisors, so they can access it from many locations to monitor schedule adherence.

Supervisors should monitor employees because employees who know they are being monitored are less likely to try to beat the time clock and cheat on their hours. For jobs like security guards, home caregivers, and cleaning crews, it isnt as easy to monitor them without using up a lot of manpower and gas. For these types of industries, a system that places tabs where an employee should be can document when the employee is at a location and store the data.

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