Licensed Vocational Nurse – A Rewarding Profession for You

Nursing is a very rewarding career and one of the hottest career fields in today’s world. The rising population demands more and more health care, which simply cannot be provided because of lack of qualified personnel. The supply line of nurses cannot match the rising demand and there is always room for more and more qualified nurses. If you are considering a career in nursing, you can do so by becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse, popularly known as LVN. LVN is a profession with excellent employment opportunities and offers a lot of incentives.

Money >

A LVN is paid good money for his services. Nursing is one lucrative field and the same goes for you if you are a LVN. Though RNs get paid more than them, a LVN earns enough money to live a comfortable and good life without having to exert himself and stretching himself to the limit. Having a good job in the recession hit world is a rarity and becoming a LVN offers you the chance to have one. You can earn up to $40,000 a year, working only 40 hours a week.


Nursing jobs are generally very secure. By 2016, nursing will be the most secure professional field in the world. You may be able to work in the same job throughout the length of your working career. The security is because of the high demand, where more and more jobs are created everyday. Nursing is a recession-proof industry and becoming a LVN will ensure that you are never out of work, or work opportunities.

Future Opportunities

Becoming a LVN opens up the gates to a lot of future opportunities for you. You cannot only gain progress in your profession, but also further your education. You can for a program in Registered Nursing, known as RN. RNs have a supervisory role over LVNs and as a result, get paid more. The doors to more lucrative employment are open to you.


Hospitals and clinics are present in every inhabited part of the country. Even if you live in the remotest village, you can still find employment easily without having to trudge off to another town or city. Becoming a LVN will allow you to offer your services and help people all over the world.

There is no greater service than serving other people. If you care about people and want to make a career of it, it is time you became a LVN.

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