Professions governed by your zodiac-Astrology predictions 2011

Virgo: You were born under the sign of Virgo and your ruling planet is Mercury, which endows you with outstanding mental abilities. Your Sun sign is MUTABLE and this takes you to work as a COMMUNICATOR, either in thought or action. You do not feel comfortable in a leadership position, but rather in a position or service. One of your functions is to help others to solve their problems. Virgo is an EARTH sign, and it makes you realistic, practical and concrete. Have a strong desire to realize material goals and need to feel that your career or business allows you to grow each year a little more. If you are a shy, intelligent and analytical you care about making things right around yourself. You have great practical meaning of life and solve your problems and tasks easily. You are very responsible and hard working but lack of great pride do not make you enhance your own efforts. Waiting for the recognition of others can lead to disappointments. Your natural shyness takes you to have a rich inner life full of very deep feelings. You are very loyal to your friends, which probably will not be many but durable. You have a great ability to analyze details of each situation and worry about doing everything perfect. You are very demanding on yourself and your nervousness can get to resent your health. You were born to study, develop your intelligence, organization, address, order, and mainly, to serve. One of your missions is to make everyone around you discover and develop their potential. Your ability to analyze and view the details will teach others to be more profound and perfect. You were born to heal, soothe and solve problems, both material and spiritual. You should attempt to overcome your fears, your insecurities and shyness that traps you at times, as well as the tendency of hypochondria that generate problems of health and thereby limit yourself your own freedom. You must avoid the skeptical attitudes, melancholy or those in which you become overly critical and negative. The expression of your personality may be limited by hysteria, disease or the tendency to think too much about things and not act so much. Professions governed: Chemical, biochemical, researcher, physician, dietitian, animal breeder, all subordinate employees and management concerning the healing professions. Any adept astrologer can offer predictions on the following- Areas Suitable For Success In Work With Less Hurdles Suitable Mode Of Earning Your Living (Business/Job) Your Highest Period Of Growth/Setbacks Periods When You Should Resist A Change

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